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Kent's lifelong passion of interest in history has lead him in a number of different venues for study.


bulletPrimary Research
bulletScholarly Research

Primary Research.

Kent has participated in archaeological digs from early Native American in California, to residential sites in New Orleans, and Civil War sites.
Interviews with the elderly
First-hand accounts of people who participated in the unfolding of American History in the twentieth century have been a positive benefit of Kent's work with Senior Citizens.  Kent takes an active interest, especially in stories of music, railroads and World War II.
Examination of historical documents and artifacts
As an active participant in many museum activities, Kent has been privileged to handle documents and artifacts that the public can only view from a distance.  This has immensely contributed to Kent's understanding of historical cultures.  Through Kent's music, Kent has met many private collectors who have enthusiastically shown their collection to him.

Scholarly Research.

Kent Courtney holds a Bachelor's Degree in Geography from the University of New Orleans, including credits from Chapman College in Orange,  California.  Kent has also done Graduate Work in Urban and Regional Planning at the Urban Studies Institute at the University of New Orleans.

He is a registered researcher at the National Archives and Records Administration and has done scholarly research at the U. S. Army War College and East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania.


Kent Courtney usually has several writing projects in the works, involving magazine articles, books, scripts and web-media content.

Pirates Magazine has asked Kent to do a series of factual articles on well-known pirates, such as Jean Lafitte, including articles on Commerce Raiding in the Civil War.

Kent's latest book is on Transportation Logistics in the Civil War.

Kent provides content to the family of internet activities.

Kent's scripts have been used both on-stage and for television.

Kent Courtney is also author of Returning to the Civil War, Grand Reenactments of an Anguished Time, and a nationally recognized authority on the Civil War, with reviews and regular advertising published in Smoke & Fire News, Camp Chase Gazette, Citizens' Companion, Civil War News, Southern Living, and other magazines and newspapers throughout the country.  The Ozarks Mountaineer said "This is altogether a fascinating book."  



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