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Archeological Survey

bulletDetermination of United States and Confederate States Camps.
bulletDetermination of Civil War Hospital locations.
bulletIdentification of Civil War burial sites.
bulletSearch for prehistoric and Native American remains.

Archeological Possibilities:

The grounds of the Landon House have had a rich history.  In prehistoric times this was a well-settled area and the grounds could contain the records of those inhabitants, as well as Native American inhabitants in the historic period.  

The grounds of the Landon House supported troop movements and camps in three phases, during the Civil War. 

Before and After the Battle of Antietam

Before the Battle of Antietam, General J.E.B. Stuart's troopers camped on the site and held the Sabers & Roses Ball at the Landon House.  After skirmishing with United States soldiers at Hyattstown, Maryland, Confederate casualties were brought to the Landon House and treated.

During General J.E.B. Stuart's Reconaissance Mission to Chambersburg, PA., October, 1862.

General J.E.B. Stuart and a portion of his staff stopped on the grounds and visited the Cockey House, whose property is adjacent to the Landon House. (Note:  the Cockey House has been recently restored).

Before and After the Battle of Monocacy.

The Battle of the Monocacy occurred very close to the Landon House.  United States and Confederate States soldiers crossed this area.


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