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Alexander T. Augusta
A Diverse Navy
J.E.B. Stuart


The Exhibits of the Maryland Museum of Civil War History focus on the unique role of Maryland during the Civil War, especially in its context as a major crossroads of the Civil War.

Alexander T. Augusta

Surgeon Alexander T. Augusta was Surgeon for the 7th United States Colored Troops (7th U.S.C.T.).  He was the first Black Major of the United States Army.  Part of his education was completed in Baltimore.

A Diverse Navy

Prior to the Civil War, the United States Navy was integrated with Black and White Sailors serving alongside each other.  From wooden sailing ships to steam-powered ironclads, the Navy was pivotal in winning the Civil War.  The Navy's Blockading Squadrons limited commerce in and out of Southern Ports.  On the Mississippi and other rivers, the Navy brought United States control to the vital transportation arteries of the South.  Naval victories at Fort Jackson, New Orleans, and  Mobile Bay helped to drive nails into the coffin of the Confederacy.

General J.E.B. Stuart

General Stuart said of the Landon House, "What a capital place for us to give a ball in honor of our arrival in Maryland."  The resulting Sabers and Roses Ball became a legend in the Civil War.  From Stuart's West Point days until he was shot on Telegraph Road while rallying his Virginia Cavalry, he was a hero larger than life. 


Harriet Tubman

A conductor on the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman helped many slaves escape to freedom.  When in the field gathering slaves to bring them to freedom, she would draw them to her.  She is credited with writing songs such as "Go Down, Moses".  


Frederick Douglass

Articulate abolitionist, Frederick Douglass was an influential speaker and writer before the Civil War.  He advocated the use of Free Black Men as soldiers during the Civil War and frequently conferred with President Abraham Lincoln. 


Civil War Campaigns in the State of Maryland

January 5-6, 1862 Hancock/Romney Campaign

September 14, 1862 South Mountain/Crampton Gap/Turner Gap/Fox Ga

September 16 - 18 Antietam/Sharpsburg

October 9 - 12 1862, General J.E.B. Stuart's Reconnaissance Mission to Chambersburg, PA

July 6-16, 1863 Williamsport/Hagerstown/Falling Waters

July 8, 1863 Boonsboro

July 9, 1864 Monocacy

August 1, 1864 Folck's Mill/Cumberland


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