Landon House Productions

A full-service production company, providing in-house video editing, sound recording & foley, props, wardrobe, lighting, talent, make-up & hair, and script-writing services, in an historic location with six acres of exterior production availability and 12,000 square feet of interior availability. 

Bring your camera or rent the latest. 

Our staff has provided services and talent to:

Chappelle’s Show, Calhoun Productions, MTV, National Geographic Explorer, PBS, The History Channel, Triage Productions, Greystone Communications, BBC, The Travel Channel, Office of U.S. Courts, Bankruptcy Courts, U.S. Department of Justice, Library of Congress, The World Bank, Royal Thai Supreme Command, Booz, Allen and Hamilton,  Media Magic, Historical Films, A&E, C-SPAN, Cox Communications, Denmark Radio, National Park Service, Luminence Films, Rob Child and Associates, Historical Entertainment, many local stations, including Maryland Public Television, WNET, WYES, WWL, WDSU, WGNO, WHYY, and a lot of others. 

Many of our clients are repeat clients. 

Our can-do attitude keeps a positive flow on-set and in the editing suite.

Digitally edit video and sound on a Mac platform.

Master directly to CD, DVD, website, miniDV or any equipment that you bring in.

Replace trashed audio with voice-overs and foley.

Order music made to your specs or license ours.

Our Prop Department specializes in pieces from the 1800s.  Lots of day-to-day items.

Our award-winning Wardrobe Department covers B.C. to today.

We have thousands of watts of lighting, with diffusers, gels, etc.

Our make-up and hair staff can do hairstyles of any period and get extras ready on-time.

You’d better get in line for our script-writing services.  There is at least a six-month wait.

Our in-house talent base has both young, beautiful people and character actors.  

 Do you need Ben Franklin, George Washington, Fidel Castro, George Patton, Leonardo DiVinci, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth, Albert Einstein, John Breckinridge, Sigmund Freud, Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis or the Pope?  Call us.  We have their number.

We also network with other agencies to find you the right people

Crew and cast - fea tured or background. 

Turn all or any part of your production over to us and get it done. 

And, we know the best craft services in the neighborhood.


3401 Urbana Pike
Urbana, Maryland 21704
Fax:  1.301.831.8588

Kevin Dolan, Executive Producer


Kent Courtney, Producer

1.717.451.4958  cell

Erica Courtney, Technical Director