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Assembly Pricing

Kent Courtney is an accomplished and experienced speaker.


bulletSchool Assemblies
bulletHistorical Lectures
bulletMotivational and Inspirational Talks

School Assemblies.

Kent in Colonial garb (far left) talking to an elementary school group, York, PA.

School seminars are a specialty of Kent Courtney. He has given hundreds of presentations to school groups and his performances are exciting. 

Kent Courtney is an actor who uses music as a tool of communicating information about historical time periods. By means of costumes, props, instruments, music and stories, 

Kent Courtneyís shows become a treasured memory of his students. Cultures come alive as history is lived and sung in front of school groups. Kentís presentations fulfill various requirements of Social Studies curricula and add musical enrichment. 

The live shows that Kent Courtney performs are an important part of an educatorís arsenal.

Historical Lectures

From the U. S. Army War College to the Louisiana Historical Society, Kent Courtney has educated through his entertaining presentations on a variety of topics.  His strongest areas of expertise include his knowledge of the Renaissance and of America in the 1800s.  He has done extensive research into Colonial America and Native American Culture and is well-know for his stories of American Railroading and our iron heritage.

Kent Courtney is also author of Returning to the Civil War, Grand Reenactments of an Anguished Time, and a nationally recognized authority on the Civil War, with reviews and regular advertising published in Smoke & Fire News, Camp Chase Gazette, Citizens' Companion, Civil War News, Southern Living, and other magazines and newspapers throughout the country.  The Ozarks Mountaineer said "This is altogether a fascinating book."    

Kent is currently writing his latest book on Transportation Logistics in the Civil War.

Motivational and Inspirational Talks

Church and business groups have taken advantage of Kent's power to inspire audiences.  From Chamber of Commerce events to Senior Citizen and Youth Group activities, you can hear Kent's positive message coupled with comedy and emotion.



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