Kent Courtney at the Soulmaster Film Shoot

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Internet Content is the fastest growing segment of the entertainment industry.


bulletKent Courtney entered the top ten most-downloaded song list in the Folk Music genre with his recording of "Wait for the Wagon" from the Garryowen CD.  "Wait for the Wagon" peaking as the seventh most-downloaded song.

Kent Courtney's live music radio show airs every Wednesday at 8pm EST US.
Kent Courtney performs on his show, as well as acts as host for other bands who perform live on this world wide web broadcast.  Unlike most other radio stations that have only about a 20 or 30 mile broadcasting radius, has an international reach.
Kent Courtney's weekly shows are archived as podcasts.  Downloads have gone to Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Chech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Germany, and extensive domestic United States listeners from California to Maine.
Kent has reached what live digital terms "Superstar Status" on his Live Digital site.  The response is truly gratifying. is an international web version of cable access television and has become one of the most utilized multi-media sites.  This is an example of how Kent Courtney's music is promoted on YouTube:

Illustration & Graphics Design for the Web

Animé style illustration of "Kent Courtney Character"

In-House Graphics

For complete promotion packages, Kent is a visual artist and works with other great talent such as Candice Alexander and Craig Shipp to produce first-rate images for internet content and other product illustration.

Website Production

Website generation is done in-house.  Please also see:




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