Kent Courtney at the Soulmaster Film Shoot

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Kent Courtney sings traditional Railroad songs in a 1920s/30s style (pre-country with a bluesy feel). The authentic old time sound is like a well-recorded version of the old 78 RPM records  but without the clicks & pops.

bullet900 Miles                                
bulletIíve Been Working On The Railroad                 
bulletHallelujah Iím a Bum                
bulletChattanooga Choo Choo
bulletTake This Hammer 
bulletThe Big Rock Candy Mountain                               
bulletCasey Jones                      
bulletCanít You Line ĎEm
bulletWreck of Old 97                   
bulletPaddy On The Erie                                          
bulletDrill, Ye Terriers, Drill                
bulletJohn Henry


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